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 Walk Coaching -  a stronger step

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Starting a walk  routine can be as simple as lacing your sneakers and jumping on the treadmill, circling the track or walking around the block.


It may be more difficult to stay motivated by learning to exercise walking or walk faster  and learn longer distances . A trainer walking with you  comes into play here.


Like a personal trainer, a walking coach works with you to set goals   and create a custom training program to help you reach them.


Walking antrenörü targets can range from the start of a regular walking routine to  5K_bbcbcf-58d_13635K races to marathon_cc359cf58d131394.

We increase your performance with the right exercise planning and walking program and support you to protect your health. 

Our sessions usually begin with evaluation and analysis  .


It is known that to turn a walk into a workout walkers need to do more than put one foot in front of the other; To burn a significant amount of calories while walking, you need to keep your arms busy and take shorter, faster steps. “When you take longer strides, you have to work harder to pull the rest of your body towards your front leg; If you bring your foot closer to your body and land from heel to foot, there will be a smoother and faster movement.


“Strengthening your arms makes it a full-body workout, and the faster you move your arms, the faster your feet keep going.”

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“It will help protect your joints and give you a stronger stride.”


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