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Athletic activities compensate for the lack of daily motor activity in children and provide the development of their motor and physical abilities.


We prepare your child physically and spiritually for the future by developing the features of Speed, Strength, Flexibility, and Coordination with Games and Sports Content.

Children's Athletics Academy Training Programs; Designed to build confidence, character and athletic skills. Our qualified certified trainers will lead the sports activities that are appropriate for your children's age, will help them do sports, develop their skills and encourage them to do sports. 

Learning, fun and sportsmanship

we highlight!

Age Groups and Programs

Ages 4-5: You will enjoy age-appropriate games and equipment used to develop young athletes motor skills and teamwork in a non-competitive, fun environment.

5 - 6  Age group:We use a variety of age-appropriate games at this age level, helping to develop motor skills, coordination and muscle memory.

Age group 6-7: In addition to increasing their interest in sports, the main focus is to increase their awareness of teamwork, sports-related skills and control.

Ages 7 to 9: Referrals, advanced skills,  team play and meeting the braces are a major focus. Studies for them to gain advanced skills to improve their athletic abilities. 

10- 12 age group: ; We prepare your child for the future physically and spiritually by developing the coordination features of Speed, Strength, Flexibility,  with Games and Sports Content.

Lessons are given in groups and individually.

  • 8 lessons  

  • 6 lessons 

  • 4 lessons 

Classes consist of 8 people. 

Call now to schedule your lesson.

0 546 510 91 81

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