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Do You Have a Running Club?


One of the most important investments your company will make on people is the investment in Health.

We organize sports events where the human resources department can develop important issues such as teamwork, motivation and effective communication among the employees , and we ensure that they are successful in employee health and work efficiency.

Running, walking, exercise, healthy eating habits are the situations that are ignored in the busy working environment, so we help you in this regard.


Give your employees a fit and your company a healthier environment.


Together with your colleagues, you can participate in national and international running organizations named  firm. You can gain success by training effectively and correctly with your professional Athletics trainer specific to your group. 


You will be able to participate in national and international running organizations in a short time by getting in shape with annual, monthly, weekly planned trainings.


Running clubs from many companies participate in the marathon races that have become popular in recent years and announce the names of the companies. Let's prepare for such organizations together.



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