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Health Conditions

If Running and Walking is not a performance race for you, take your steps in different parts of the city with our trained and equipped trainers  healthy living. With the steps you will take every day  fit, you can renew and protect your body's health.

5km Koşu Antrenmanı

If you have decided to start running, your first step will be for the 5k. According to your group, walking and jogging with your trainer is a training plan that will increase your endurance with the adaptation of your body to running, the oxygen capacity of your lungs and the development of your muscles.

Kondisyoner Koşu Antrenmanı

Coming to this running program now shows that your physical and mental preparation is complete and you are in shape. This  conditioning you have is the first step program for maintaining a healthy body or for a marathon that many runners want to try at least once.


Yarı Maraton Antrenmanı Koşu Antrenörü

If your regular and systematic training has brought you to 21k, you have completed the half marathon. It is a popular run for runners who have difficulty completing the marathon and have not reached that level of difficulty. You still have a long way to go to reach the marathon.


Performance Conditions

If your goal is races and you want to increase your performance, you can plan the right and effective training system with our running coaches.

Koşu antrenörü hizmetleri

In order to leave the 5km run behind and endure 8km, you have 8km to pass. The way you need to go in order to push our developing oxygen capacity, condition and muscles a little more is the 8km training plan .


Kurumsal Koşu Takımı

The development of your muscular and oxygen endurance shows that you are now ready for 10km. With the observations and directions of our trainers, aerobic anaerobic, interval fartlek etc.

It is a more advanced training program that will be included in training runs.


Maraton Hazırlık Antrenörü Koşu antrenörü

Marathon, on the other hand, is a run where you can test your endurance and patience on a long 42km long, difficult road with your trainers in order to see the finish line that lies in your heart.

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