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With Coach  Outdoor Walking Functional Exercise

Outdoor Exercise (Running, Walking, Functional Training)



 The benefits of doing outdoor sports/exercise .

Healthy Breath More oxygen

Due to the increase in epidemics during the winter months, doing sports indoors can create unhealthy situations. You can breathe clean air with outdoor sports. 


Your Body Resistance Increases,


Exercising outdoors increases your body's resistance due to the effective intake of oxygen and increased blood circulation.


You Are Protected From Diseases, Your Immune System Is Strengthened


Since you will get plenty of oxygen during exercise, you will also support the immune system. In this way, your body will be more resistant to harmful elements that may come from outside.


You prevent digestive problems

Walking and exercises will support and facilitate the digestive process. Exercising regularly is the easiest and most effective way to have a healthy digestive system.

You benefit more from the sun  You get vitamin D


While vitamin D can be taken from food, it is most effectively taken from the sun, that is, in the open air. With a lack of vitamin D, problems such as bone weakness, muscle weakness and fatigue can occur. You can easily get vitamin D from sunlight by doing sports outdoors.

Your motivation will increase Your stress level will decrease


It is a known scientific fact that exercise positively affects situations such as depression and stress. Combining the outdoors and exercise means an increase in this positive effect. Getting plenty of oxygen not only makes exercise more effective, but also helps one get rid of stress-related anxieties. 



Your Sleep Quality Improves

Exercising outdoors increases our quality of life due to our effective intake of oxygen. Doing sports regularly helps the system that regulates 24-hour biological functions to work properly. In this way, both your desire to do sports in the open air and your sleep quality increase because you are tired.


It helps you to be more programmatic and disciplined 

Sport is a habit that gives motivation and adds discipline to the person. 

What is Athletics Sport ?

The world's oldest_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_spor  branch, which is performed on a certain track or area over different branches, is called athletics. People who perform this sport are called athletes. As a general category, athletes show their abilities in running, walking, jumping and throwing branches.

Athletes, who show their strength and talent with all their performances, push their limits by competing with each other in this regard. Thus, some records emerge on certain dates over time. Athletes, who showed their skills and abilities through high performance in many different tournaments together with the Olympics, do this under a wide range of branches today.

What is Important for Athletics?

Certain factors, especially the rules set today, are of great importance for athletics. There are some rules for each branch, especially in terms of time, distance and height. Of course, these rules are enough just to cross the border. It is much more important to earn a rank and be able to outrun competitors. Thus, as limiting factors are overcome, new records are set and athletics is becoming more popular around the world. The mistake is that the world's most famous and well-known athletes come out of athletics.

What are the branches and branches?

Athletics sport is carried out over 3 different main categories in terms of branches. These are running, walking and field (Throwing and Jumping).

Running: Running is performed in different places depending on the purpose. These are indoor arenas, stadiums, fields and roads, and open-air tracks. Depending on the rules, the races are handled in terms of different distances.

- Short distance,

- middle distance,

- Long distance,

- Hurdles,

- Relay run,

Walking: Based on a certain basic rule, walking is one of the most important athletics sports branches today. When the first foot is thrown forward from the start of the run, the back foot should not be lifted before that foot touches the ground. This is the most important element that distinguishes walking athletics from running. In order to achieve this, it must be done without breaking the feet. Otherwise, the athlete will be disqualified by the referees. Walking over 10 km for women is an athletic sport, and for men it varies between 20 km and 50 km.

Field races (Throwing-Jumping): Throwing and jumping races, which spread over a wide range, are among the most important sports branches of the Olympics. 

- Single jump (Long jump)

- Triple jump,

- High jump,

- pole vault,

- Hammer throwing,

- Shot put,

- javelin throw,

- disc,

 Throwing and jumping athletics sport takes place in the field continuously during the tournament. Athletes have the chance to try on the rights they have won on average 3 times within the framework of certain rules. In this context, the highest score they earn is reflected in the result.

How Are Runs Made in Athletics?

Depending on the distance, the running takes place over the athletics sport. In long-distance runs in cities, tens of kilometers are run. The important thing here is to finish first. On the other hand, the 100 meters and 400 meters runs are also held in the stadiums. Especially the 100 meters is one of the most known and most followed running athletics sports in the world. In fact, the records broken in this regard go down in history and make the athletes legends.

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